Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We had a very large package arrive on our doorstep a few days ago.  One I'm not too excited about...

The freight guy wasn't thrilled either.  This thing was over 300 pounds!! So it wasn't going any further than the front porch 'til Jeff got home!  After a brief chat about politics (he was a conservative like me, so we were able to groan about the state of the union together! LOL), Delivery Guy skedaddled and left me with this monstrosity.

Jeff has high hopes for it.
He spent the better part of the evening assembling it...
I'm still not impressed.
It's in the basement.  How can I convert the basement into a Quilt Cave (like Teresa's over at Fabric Therapy) with this THING in the way!?!

He expects I'll use it.  Maybe.  If I can figure out how to unfold it!! Goans!!
This is normal me (see, I don't have on my Mary Kay face yet! And don't mind the facial hair!  LOL).

This is me contemplating the use of a treadmill.

Definite groans!!

I seriously don't know why Santa has covered his face.  Maybe because he doesn't have one!! I don't really like embroidery, so this is one block of a wall hanging I may never get done!  It's a beautiful pattern, but I'd rather applique than embroider.

I probably will use the treadmill, eventually.  But not right now!!  I have mysteries to solve!!

I've been working on Orca Bay, Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt.

Amidst the chaos of my sewing room is this pile of my progress...
I've almost finished the blue strings, and I'm still working on black/neutral quarter and half-square triangles. 

In the meantime, I've also got Farmer's Wife blocks to finish (my class is finishing up the last of the 111 blocks this month!), a memory quilt to finish for a client in time for Christmas (oh the pressure!), a Mary Kay open house and several parties to complete...

And all I wanna do is play in this....
Not a real snow yet.
But it could be.
It will be.
Soon, I hope!! :-)

Timing is everything.  A white Christmas in Kentucky!?  Maybe.

God knows all about timing.  In the book of Galatians, the apostle Paul talks about the coming of Jesus.

"But when the time had fully come," Galatians 4:4 tells us, "God sent his Son..."

I've no doubt the snows will come to Kentucky.  They've been here before, and I've relished their beauty and the joy they've brought.

Just like God's grace.  I've seen it and felt it, experienced it daily.  His timing is always perfect!

And when the snows come, I just might give that old treadmill a try!



Needled Mom said...

I think I would feel the same way about that "gem" in my sewing space. Just the thought of using it tires me!!!!

I hope you get your white Christmas.

Shelley said...

Oh Mary, this is an easy one! Of course you can still turn the basement into your ultimate quilting room. Treadmills make great storage for hanging just washed fabric to dry, for lining up cut strips, throwing a sheet over it and instant design wall, not to mention it's track can hold a whole lot of weight aka tubs of quilts and fabric. And remind the hubby as he unloads it to use that this is the weight lifting part of his workout :)

Janet O. said...

I'd much rather walk in the great outdoors, but we DO get snow every winter and with no sidewalks in our neck of the woods, walking outside can be too adventuresome. I force myself onto the treadmill occasionally, but I should do it much more often. It just isn't as much fun as quilting!

pcflamingo said...

Shelley has all the "real" uses of a treadmill fully covered :D The great outdoors is more fun! I personally think stair-steppers are evil.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I would love to have a treadmill! when in your quilting space you can watch instruction DVD's on quilting - you learn while you walk! Really and truly I wish I had the space for one, I do like to walk outdoors but have no place here to do that, out in the country with no shoulder of road to walk safely - I go to a fitness center in the morning but there are times I wish to walk in the evening or afternoon to get in a little more exercise - small doses of walking add up you know.

StitchinByTheLake said...

My sewing space is so small I don't have to worry about anything that size trying to make it's way in. But I confess to wishing I had one somewhere in this house! blessings, marlene

jude's page said...

Hope you get your white Christmas, I can't imagine living with snow. Must make it hard to get around. I just hope that our Christmas is not too hot! (here in South Australia). Love your postings, and God's timing is everything, His timing is bringing changes in my life at present. Thankyou for your wisdom.

Anonymous said...

I surely would want that in my sewing space....nothing like having a subtle reminder. Hee! Ours is in the basement...out of sight out of mind! (kidding...I'm trying!)

Teresa Rawson said...

I'm with Shelley about the usefulness of the exercise equipment for QUILT RELATED THINGS...I have to share the quilt cave with a HUGE ellyptical machine. I have to work and photograph around it. It was a "subtle" gift from my parents a few years ago (ha-ha...I get it...I'm fat...). As the weather gets worse here, I think I'm going to have to make friends with it this winter. Now that I've lost 75 pounds I'm not too fat to use it anymore, but fat enough to need it. ha-ha-ha I much prefer to walk outside, but maybe if I watch a good DVD, I'll do it when the weather is too cold or slick. Let's challenge each other to meet this new wrinkle head on!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Patty Sumner said...

Scott and I have made a commitment to start being good and exercising beginning the new year! Blessings! I wish we had one.....

Nancy said...

You should enjoy that treadmill, I know I miss mine. I had knee replacement in 2008 and sold mine to be able to buy a recumbent bike. Though the bike is nice, I would certainly like to have my treadmill back. Maybe someday.

Sarah Craig said...

Shelley has certainly nailed all the important uses for a treadmill! I laughed out loud!! Never fear, you can build your quilt cave around it!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You can draw his face on using Pigma pens. Saves the embroidery. I would personally avoid that 'thing' in the basement.

Lori said...

I never knew treadmills were packaged so huge!!
I hope you get some snow- I'm crossing my fingers we get some too.

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