Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Colors For People Who Don't Do Anything

Jeff asked me to send him photos of the house and what not.  He's got alot of rocks and sand around him in Afghanistan, and I'm thinking he asked for photos because the colors of fall might be particularly pleasing to see.  So I sent him the spectacular tree color from our yard.  No...not the trees in the background that are a quarter mile away....our yard:

Yeah, buddy.  It's a virtual kaleidoscope of brilliant color from the side of our home.  We are the envy of every house around us.  We are the epitome of stunning autumnal resplendence.  (It's a Thanksgiving miracle!)   LOL
Wait 'til you see the front yard:

We planted a lovely hemlock there before Jeff was deployed.  After the fourth time the wind blew it over last March, we staked it down.  I can't imagine why it didn't last through the summer.  It's as if it were never there....

We have some lovely mums.  It's a good thing they are perennial...Lord knows my not-so-green thumb would have done them in weeks ago if not!

They need a little...weeding? perhaps.  Pruning? Cleaning up? (Do you deadhead mums?)  Of course, I'd have to leave the sewing room to do that.  There just SOOO many hours in the day!! If I were going to leave my sewing room, don't you think I would sweep and dust!?!?

And, like any good homeschooling mom would do, I assigned the children to do animal husbandry -- meaning, it's Sam's and Will's jobs to keep the chickens and bees alive until Jeff returns from overseas. (They are his hobby; quilting is mine, thank you very much.  Do I ask him to watch my fabric when I'm gone!?! Nooooooooooooooooo.)

So far, so good!

Bucky, the rooster, is some of the best fall color we have! And, the bees are still buzzing, so I'm optimistic.

Lest you think I never DO anything...there is some lovely fall color INSIDE the house. :-D

After Mary at Quilt Hollow posted about her beautiful little quilt by Lori Smith using Jo Morton fabrics, it reminded me of the little quilts I have (long had!) in my "to be quilted" pile. They are "Little Jo's" -- designed by Jo Morton and using her fabrics (I tweaked a couple of them because I got carried away and cannot leave --hehe, get it, leave ...!?-- well enough alone).

Now there's some fall color to love! They may actually be quilted some day....assuming I can find the time in the lazy days of fall.  ( this point, I'm thinking the bees have a better prognosis!)
Good thing the Lord is a little  more reliable than I! :-)  The Psalmist writes:

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the great deep. O LORD, you preserve both man and beast. How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights. For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.  (Psalm 36:5-9)
He preserves "both man and beast" -- bees and chickens, and my Jeff in a foreign land.  I don't have to do anything!
Except maybe send a photo or two to show everything's OK at home (right after I deadhead the mums!).


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Nah, nothing to do at all! Get busy, you~

Love the fall color quilts, they're simply wonderful.

Tracy said...

I'm sure the photos of the house were a sight for sore eyes, even with the weedy mums! And I'm sure right about now, Jeff's happy to look at the quilts made by your hands.

If you're reading, "Hello, Jeff! We're praying for you!"

Anonymous said...

I must say that with the lack of luster in our leaves this year, those inside fall colors are almost far more brilliant!

I still love autumn best of all...and pray that your Jeff feels your love while he's away and that he returns safely.

God bless!

A Plain Path said...

Love those quilts! I loved Mary's as well, the colors & prints. It was beautiful. I'm sure your husband will enjoy the photos very much!!!

Crispy said...

Wow great fall color on your Charlie Brown tree LOL. At least you have a leafy tree, we just have pines which produce massive quantities of cones, not pretty cones, annoying cones that take off like a missile if hit with the lawn mower.

You inside color is wonderful :0)


Reenie said...

Oh, those quilts are LOVELY! They are just so darn snuggly looking! Love the tree! lol

Barb said...

Hi -
Roosters and bees - I love it.
We had a keeper on our "family farm" in Illinois for a few years, it was very fun to watch him harvest the honey.
I love the wide open flatness of your yard and I so miss the big sky living here in the NYC area.
your fall colored quilts are stunning, I especially love the 4-patch quilt, I just love the little 4-patch - maybe we can swap some sometime :)

Lori said...

I love the fall season inside your house!!

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh and glory Mary Lou...where can I get the pattern for that first quilt with the applique in the centre!!! I LOVE it...I HAVE to make one LOLOLO! I don't "do" plants either...the Lord didn't give me a green anything! LOL! The weeds are just "naturalistic art"!

Mary said...

I love those little quilts. And I've learned they quilt up pretty quickly so that's the size I make the most.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hilarious post Mary Lou. :) I have a little more fall color than you but thank goodness my husband is home to take care of it. I'm sending up prayers for you and your family - I know how hard it must be for him to be away. blessings, marlene

Unknown said...

I think you need to run a line on the front porch & hang some of the fall quilt color outside!

Patty Sumner said...

Maybe some day you will have plants in the yard and a few trees...when Jeff gets Seriously, you are who you are and it is what it is...gotta love that and you! Blessings!

LuAnn said...

Well, there's not much to rake with your tree. Your mums are beautiful. And, I love your little quilts. They will quilt up in no time once you get them basted.

Joanne said...

Autumn is the season I miss the most living in So Cal. I grew up in central NY and I remember that some years the fall colors were more spectacular than other years. At least you have a little color. Your quilts are awesome !!! Hugs to you.

Teresa Rawson said...

You crack me up with your "treescape" - not to worry, when we moved into our house 15 years ago, there wasn't a single tree or shrub in the yard. We've had to plant them all, and some do grow fast. So not to worry - some day your yard will be filled with autumn splendor. I think our neighbors enjoy our show in the fall, but NONE of us are crazy about all the leaf raking (and with it being so windy in Michigan, we share the loveliness AND the dead leaves. LOL

From the looks of the beautiful rooster and the bees, I would guess that your kids are getting an "A" in animal husbandry. Nice quilts - see you DO have some beautiful fall colors in your "yard"!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

jan said...

Love the quilts, the Psalm, the humor; most of that you keep it real!! thanks for the encouragement you supply, your blog is a true ministry!! <3

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilts!!!....beautiful home!!!