Friday, September 10, 2010

New Experiences!

This time next week, Friday, Sept. 17th, I'll be experiencing my first Friday Night Sew In!!  (Click the button for more details!)

It's going to be a night of fun, fabric, food, fellowship (the virtual kind, anyway :-D) and all in the comfort of my own sewing room (where I don't forget to bring important tools!) in my PJ's and fuzzy slippers (or in my case, thick, warm, (possibly) dirty-on-the-bottom socks -- 'cause I can't sew with shoes on!). 

I seem to do well when I sew with others :-), so I'm formulating the list of things I hope to accomplish next week. I'm going to work on these, I think.... 
Bali Sea Star from Scrap Basket Surprises
by Kim Brackett
I've got this one cut and ready to sew!
Christmas Ribbons, also from Scrap Basket Surprises
I've got this one half pieced!
Being fairly new to "Blog-Land" :-D, I'm discovering this and other  new worlds of opportunities!
There are give-aways.
And quilting tutorials.
And applique sites.
And tool reviews
And organizational tips.
And instructions for cutting up your husband's shirts for quilts. Hmmmm....
And Schnibbles clubs.
And charming girl clubs.
And strip clubs....just kidding! I've not seen any of those, and if I did, I would assume they were of the Eleanor Burns variety!!! :-D

As the new kid on the quilt block (hehe), I worry a little about "pushing in" or trying  to keep up or whatever.  It feels a little like going into junior high for the very first time.  The remedy for that feeling, according to my mother way back when, is this: 

"A man that hath friends must show himself friendly"
(Proverbs 18:24 KJV). 

It's a risky endeavor, trying to make new friends.  But Jesus took the risk.  He said "I no longer call you servants...but friends." (John 15:15)  He took the time to let his followers know what He was up to, what the Father was doing.  He opened himself up -- with a known future of pain and suffering!! -- for the grace-full purpose of being our friend.

I knew a pastor who would say, tongue in cheek, "Ministry is great if it weren't for the people!" :-D  For me, quilting would be OK without people, but it's so much better WITH them!  I like knowing that friends are sewing along with me.  I have my club friends, here in town, so precious to me.  Oh! what I've learned from and experienced with them!!

And now, my "sewing circle," my "quilting bee" is extended --

There's Rose Marie and LuAnn and Lori and Heidi, Jan and Kathy, Kathie, Michelle and Staci.  There's Barb, Vivian, and Mary and Chris, Niki and Joan.  And so many others.  Their blogs are listed at left (scroll down a tad to find them), and they share wonderful things.  Many of them will be sewing with me on Sept. 17th at the Friday Night Sew In!

Go check them out and tell them I said, "Hello!"  And pull out some UFO's and fuzzy slippers and plan a night of sewing bliss.  I promise it won't be anything like junior high!



Lori said...

It is a lot of fun isn't it?! And thank goodness it is better than the first day of Junior High! LOL

jan said...

So excited to "spend next Friday together!" ;) Could not agree more with this post! Being new, too, I've had some of the same concerns, but then thought, "Well, I'll just be my quirky self." Thank you so much for the encouragement! Now off to make my list for FNSI!

Debbie said...

I really liked your baby quilt this week. Got my vote, as it was the and all. Sorry it is gone.
The bloggers across the oceans have ganged up and beaten us out for the last few weeks. Such is life.

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